Saturday, June 7, 2008

Speaking of Pitchers.

Here's a new one...I know I said this glaze was too dark...but there's something about it I really like. It doesn't work on everything, but I knew it would look great on this pitcher, so I made a small batch. I figured I'd keep a bit on hand for when I made a piece that need it. The color on this one is so striking...much more in person than in my photo. I just posted it in my Etsy shop along with a green chick. The very first chick bowl with my new and improved green.

It's about 90ยบ today and sooooooo humid. I went to buy some plants this morning and almost died in the greenhouse. At least I had the place pretty much to myself (because no one else was dumb enough to go there in this heat) and had free range over all the plants. I wanted to plant some flowers but when I came home it started to rain...and thunder. The studio is super cool thanks to the cement floors and small windows, so I did manage to get quite a bit of work done. Now I'm in an allergy medicine haze and too tired to do anything. Guess I'll spend the afternoon making garden tags...

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