Monday, February 23, 2009

Pretty penguin.

Here's a new one. I posted him on my Etsy shop today. You can find him here. I made a few of these in different shapes and sizes but, the rest are already spoken for. He's the baby of the bunch and the only one available right now.
My whale made it into 2 great treasuries today. The one above is all artists from the Hudson Valley...where I live. Click the pic to make it larger. You can find the actual treasury right here. A thank you to WrenWillow who was the curator on this one and go check out her shop. Her things are so cute!
And then there is this great treasury by SplishySplashCraft. You can check it out right here. Birds and favorite!

I'll be posting another new thing tomorrow...can we say rainbows??...

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Check out my interview on the So Cal Potter's blog. I know I'm not from or living in southern Cali, but hey, he asked and I answered. Anyway, check it out right here. There are a bunch of really great interviews like this one with my buddy Shane Keena or this one with the fabulous Ricky fellow compulsive surface decorators.I've also posted more newness in my Etsy shop. This is one of my new tripod bowls. And upgrade from my old design.
This one sold shortly after I posted it, but I plan on adding another one similar to it.

OH! And I also made my 1111th sale...actually, I made my 1112th sale today also. But I was so excited to hit 1111. I really like that number. My next goal is 1234...

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, the new batch of work is finally finished. I had some distractions...Valentine's day cake making (it's kind of weird censoring plastic boobs), feeling crappy a couple of days, kiln issues, glaze materials back ordered...

But, I finally have some new things in my Etsy shop. I finished a bunch of special orders and a several orders for some galleries and shops. I've also managed to tuck a few things away for a gallery show at the end of April.I just added this guy today. And I'm one sale away from 1111 sales...make a wish!

I have a ton of new things to post. As I mentioned before, I'm moving away from simple forms and I'm moving toward making more complex pieces and more animal related things. I realized I was wasting time making multiples of bowls and vases and it left me with little time to make more complicated things. Soooo, you may see bowls and vases BUT, they will be a bit more involved. And, I'm playing with reducing the custom orders I take. I'm planning on making more one of a kind pieces or small runs and let that be that. I often get requests like can you make this shorter or wider or a different color. Sometimes it's hard to explain to customers that their idea just won't look good, or that I only make my chick bowls in green, yellow and orange for a's starting to drive me a litte crazy...

Anyway, be on the lookout for more animals and a few "normal" bowls that just happend to make it into this last batch of work.

++Oh! And I totally forgot to mention that the awesome Ashley Akers did a sweet little post on her blog about my work! Thank you Ashley! You can go check it out right here. I've mentioned her work before. I'm a big fan. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop as well!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One more.

Heartstrings...which you can see here. A thank you to Monarchdancer, for featuring my sculptural bird dish with pink...which is also part of my Valentine's Special through Saturday.

Another treasury, another piece.

This little vase made it into a treasury on Etsy today.

Wrapped in Morning Dew Silk. Lovely name. No Dew here in New York's lovely Hudson Valley. Just piles and piles of slushy snow. There are still spots in the yard that are well over 1 ft of snow and I hear our almost 50 degree heat spell is on it's way out. Anyway, a warm thank you to lilysoffering for including me in this collection. You can check it out for real here. You can check out my vase right here. And being that everyone I know is either pregnant or has just given birth, I am particularly fond of littlesaplingtoys. Go check them out.
I've still been working nonstop in the studio. I fired one bisque and I'm finishing work for one more, which I plan on firing Thursday night. work should be out and finished by Sunday. Although, most of it is off to St. Louis, some to Boston, some custom orders and a bunch is being tucked away for a gallery show at the end of April. I'm hoping to have some left to post in my shop. And speaking of my shop, my 10% off Valentine's Day special is still going on. 10% off any thing with red, pink or purple.

Okay, time for the gym...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Treasury loveliness.

How beautiful is this treasury? You can see it for real right here. Thanks to Nina of Kings & Queens who was nice enough to feature my love bird ornaments. You can still get them right here. And, if they sell out, I have 2 more sets available with red eyes, just ask and I'll post a special listing for you.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Salt & Pepper

Well, we'll see how this one goes. All the parts were made on the wheel and then altered. The owl shaker comes off. I really like holding her. She's such a great size. If all goes well, this will be off to a gallery. I may or may not make another set...we'll see...

Tomorrow I fire a bisque. I'm going to do 2 in a row and then a tightly packed glaze firing. Hopefully the new work will be finished by the end of next week.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sore hand.

Yesterday I was a carving machine. This morning I woke up with a sore forearm...I made a ton...well, a bunch...of owl creamers, a few "stump" jars to match and a pair of TALL owl vases. I plan on making at LEAST 2 more of the owl vases. I need 2 to send out to a couple of galleries and I'd like to have some back-ups and maybe one for my Etsy shop. I also made one of these guys!
And the menagerie grows... I'm going to make a few more penguins in different sizes. They look cute all sitting together.

I tried to take the day off today. It's still really hard to make my mind shut everything out. I plan on doing a bit of drawing later. I guess that football game is on now. I'm so happy we don't have TV. I didn't even realize the super bowl was going on until I was at the gym on Friday. I've never watched one in my life, why start now. Hmm. Anyway. I have a really good idea for a salt and pepper set and I'd like to try it out tomorrow. I just need to draw it out a few more times...

And now I leave you with Dudley in the snow...eating a branch from our deceased Christmas tree. It's a little blurry. I took it from the porch.