Monday, February 23, 2009

Pretty penguin.

Here's a new one. I posted him on my Etsy shop today. You can find him here. I made a few of these in different shapes and sizes but, the rest are already spoken for. He's the baby of the bunch and the only one available right now.
My whale made it into 2 great treasuries today. The one above is all artists from the Hudson Valley...where I live. Click the pic to make it larger. You can find the actual treasury right here. A thank you to WrenWillow who was the curator on this one and go check out her shop. Her things are so cute!
And then there is this great treasury by SplishySplashCraft. You can check it out right here. Birds and favorite!

I'll be posting another new thing tomorrow...can we say rainbows??...


Amanda K Lockrow said...

That penguin is so cool. And so is the whale. I got an ornament from OAK this Christmas of your for a friend and she loves it!

shoshonasnow said...

That's great! It's always cool to hear where the work ends up.