Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PayPal vs. Google

And it's a win for Google.  At least, it does for me...and thousands of other PalPal haters.

I am exclusively using Google Checkout now.  It's been about three months with only a few hiccups. PayPal has lost me for good.  I won't go into my own story, but let's just say between Ebay (officially the devil of "independent" web commerce) and PayPal (Ebay's bitch and the one CURRENTLY holding the torch in web monetary transactions), I was screwed out of nearly two grand. 

My first thought...  Fuck PayPal, I should sue.  But I'm not the litigious type, and of course, I'm not the only one.  There are multiple sites and groups out there with HORRIBLE stories, much worse then mine.  I have had customers who refused to use PayPal due to money being withheld or fraud (that buyer protection ain't so solid), or simple identify theft.  You're dealing with a monopoly of a company who only wants your money.  That's it.  And they really don't care about the buyer or seller.  There was a woman who called them up after not receiving a $10 item on Etsy that was lost in the mail.  The PayPal representative she spoke to on the phone immediately told her to "take action".  But, one simple conversation on Etsy with the seller...all cleared up.  No PayPal involvement, no issues. 

That one little phone call could have ruined someone's business and livelihood.  I was thoroughly shocked when I read some of these stories...

So, I weighed out my options and decided to go with Google Checkout.  It's super secure.  You do have to sign up, but if you have a Gmail account (which EVERYONE should by now) it's a cakewalk.  It's an extra step for me, sending out an invoice after the sale notification, but it helps me to keep better records and it's a little more official, yet personal.  Google Checkout may still be a bit foreign to some, but it's only going to get bigger and better....just like Google itself.  It's a winner.  Oh, and I've personally confirmed that international buyers love Checkout over PayPal.

Next time, why Ebay is a total bastard...

Monday, October 3, 2011

My puppy.

I need custody of my baby Dudley.  Soon.  There's a huge hole in my heart....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

In the retail world.

Here is a pic I found by accident from one of my favorite stores to work with.  Someday I'll get there in person... 
Thanks Tildé.  I love you...and apparently so does Portland.