Wednesday, May 19, 2010


After MANY slow hours, I decided to shut my kiln off at 1647°. I think my elements are kaput. The thermocouples are all working, the relays are all just doesn't seem to have enough juice to get up to cone 10. So......there goes my day. Now I have to wait for the damn thing to cool (which is going to take forever because it's so packed), unload all 50+ pieces, change the elements, reload, re-fire, and then wait for it to cool AGAIN. Grrrrrr. The plan was to unload tomorrow and reload with greenware. Guess that's not happening. I was just finishing up a few more things for that bisque load, including these egg cups....did I mention I've been making a series of egg cups???????I think this came to me, in part, from working on my piece for the small favors show. I had been working on some larger (large for me) animal pieces, some of them don't really have a function...meaning; vase, pitcher, teapot....they are just sculptural. That is fine, of course, but I do like to at least hint at a function. So, I thought I'd work on some small (even smaller than usual) animals....more sculptural and all with the same function. I have been wanting to make egg cups for a while now, but seeing as they are not so popular in the US, I wasn't sure anyone would be interested in them...but I've decided I don't care.

BUT, then my kiln crapped out on me. SOOOOO, if you are waiting on work from me or waiting to see what's new in the studio....I'm sorry to say, you are going to have to wait a little longer. I HATE when this stuff happens....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Small Favors V.

Small Favors V is officially up and showing at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. It's such a cool show. All the work must fit into a 4" plexi cube. The are a TON of amazing pieces from pots to sculpture and all quite affordable.

This is my piece...The entire show is up on The Clay Studio's website, so check it out. And if you are in Philly, the show is up until May 31.