Sunday, May 8, 2011

day 2.

Me and my friend Jen had a garage/studio sale...two actually. One at my studio, one at hers. Went pretty well, didn't get as many people interested in buying the work, but they were pretty into it. Which is still okay with me. I have the Etsy shop and thetinbox Etsy shop back up and running but, have decided to only ship once a week and always priority (which is pretty much my standard...and no international shipping, sorry). I have a couple more bins of work I want to sell before we move. I think it's totally possible. I unfortunately I have work and belongings all over the place, the old house, my friend's mom's and my mom's...which is where my camera and light set up is and I am not happy about. Grrrr. My cell phone my have to do for

I tried to start drawing yesterday but it just didn't work. I may have to switch to sewing for a little bit (by hand since my machine is in Kindle needs a new cover anyway. I don't have good luck with electronics...better to be safe.

So, this is day 2 and I'm feeling relaxed. Still have lots to get rid of at the house, but I'm feeling good. I guess it's a Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there. I don't get to see my 4-legged, Dudley today, but I'm sure he would give me some loving...and presents if he had thumbs...

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well, my kiln has a new home, but I don't. She's in her new home in Brooklyn. I'm a gypsy for the next month. Then the plan is to be in Eugene by the beginning of June. I've got my pots down to ALMOST 2 bins, maybe another smaller box too. The wheel and tools and going on the top of my friend's Jeep, covered, I doubt anyone is gonna try to get that stuff of the Jeep and it's so high up. We also have things from thetinbox Etsy shop that we need to fit. I'm hoping maybe we could do a flea market or two to get those 2 or 3 boxes down to 1 also. Then it's mostly clothes and a few personal things. I bought Dudley (my Boston terrier) a booster seat so he can see the whole time we are driving...we'll just switch who's got him and it will be good to have will make us stop for more breaks. Otherwise, we plan on camping a lot. I've got the tent and cooler and sleeping should be all good.

The annoying part is that I'm already missing making work. I've been drawing a lot, but that doesn't help. I know I have a good month or so til I can work again and it's already KILLING me. When I was inventorying my pots earlier today, just feeling them made me want to work...

And, I have so super cool news, but I can't share it yet. HAHAHAHA

So, I'm calling this "day 1" of official start over....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My mystery plate....

My mystery plate.... by shoshonasnow
My mystery plate...., a photo by shoshonasnow on Flickr.

putting this out there again...any one know anything about it? I know it's mid-century, obviously, but of it's possible origins or if they have seen anything like it before? i was thinking italian, but now i'm not so sure, someone mentioned scandinavian in origin? not signed. i've just NEVER seen this subject matter. so odd. please check it out and let me know what you think? or pass it on to someone who might. thanks!!