Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Star Was Born.

That's the title of this wonderful treasury by brownbunnybyiris. I've already sold one of those gondola dishes. And I'm loving that pillow from Sun2Create.

I feel like crap today. I started feeling bad yesterday morning and after I got back from the gym it was full on crappiness. So, it delayed the kiln a little bit. I wanted to get it in last night, looks like it's gonna be tonight. AND, I have a BAD cut on my left thumb and a nail on my right hand that is breaking off where it is still attached to the skin...OUCH. Good thing I don't have to touch clay...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


That's what I'm calling them.

I made these 3 before I decided to use this mold for my new fish dish. I really like the shape and they look quite elegant. These may be the only dishes I make like this.

I still need to do some last minute things before I finish loading and start firing the kiln. It's full of mugs, creamers and vases. My hand is killing me.

I also have a pile of pieces I made for earrings. I guess I should get them finished. Oh, and I need to string up some more ornaments. Soooo many ornaments!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

They're back.

Well, one is back...more on the way. I've been slacking on the tripod bowls. I hadn't made any in months and months. Then one of my galleries requested a few and of course, I had to make more than a few. So here's one in yellow.I've always been fond of this design. I do get a bit frustrated that they warp a bit. But, I've just come to accept that the fussiness of my porcelain and the fact that they are on 3 feet just means it's going to happen. I could let these dry all the way, lightly covered, a slow as possible, never standing them up on their feet until they are out of the bisque and they will still warp. Some more than others of course, but those are the few that end up on the seconds shelf. And don't worry, if the price for the up to par bowls is too steep, some of those seconds will end up in my sale section.
I'm still working like a madwoman in the studio. One more big load of work before my big 3-0 birthday weekend. I thought I was getting caught up and then *boom* more orders. Of course, who's complaining, but boy am I tired.
The kitchen is coming along. The walls are painted...after 2 colors and the floor has been ripped up. We decided on Pergo as an inexpensive fix that still looks nice. I didn't really want to spend all that much. I mean, we DID do a lot to the room 4 years ago when we bought the house...new appliances, hardware on the cabinets, the floating "peninsula", and yes, I did paint the walls only 4 years ago as well. BUT, I work at home and the only time I leave the house during the day is to go to the gym or to go food shopping...I need a change of scenery! So anyway, the floor is next...once this next load of work is in the bisque!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Smells like fish.

All I seem to do is make birds and fish. And I have absolutley no reason for this.

Last week it was fish.

And I really, really like him.

I also posted my first snowflake. I was told that it is NOT too early. We are supposed to get our first frost tonight. I guess that counts.

I packed up 9 boxes of work to ship out tomorrow morning. I usually have 2-3. I can smell the holidays brewing......

Monday, September 15, 2008

Food. Water. Food.

Today I am totally in love with these bowls, a custom order I unloaded this morning.Dog food, cat food and shared water...feel the love. Dudley's dog bowls are 2 of my favorite things I've ever made...is that weird?

Friday, September 12, 2008


The kiln is on and it's a *sort of* day off for me. I'm going to have soooo much to glaze. The kiln is PACKED. I went on a rampage this past week and made about 60 pieces...not including 24 tiny tripods and 18 square dishes. It's going to take FOREVER to cool. I probably won't be able to fit it all in once it's glazed, but at least I'll have a jump start on the next load.

I was kindly featured in two treasuries.

Both the bowl (which is really dark pink, not red) and the chicken (last one in cobalt...ever!) are still available and ON SALE or ON SUPER SALE in my shop.

Now I'm off to Lowe's to check out some colors for my kitchen. Right now it's yellow with orange trim and white cabinets (very 70's) and a horrible floor that needs to be replaced. I still love the colors, it was the first room I painted when we moved in...the second day we were in. The room was a pale robin's egg blue that totally offended me and HAD TO GO immediately. It's been 4 years since I painted and I'm just feeling I need a change. I've pretty much settled on a lovely retro aqua. I just need to find one that's not too crazy bright but not too boring. Since I've started collecting my Franciscan starburst plates, I've also been collecting mid-century pots with aqua interiors like these from McCoy. So I'm really looking for that color. Now it's just picking an accent color for the trim. I could do white, but my cabinets are white and right now the trim around them is orange. White on white might be fine. It's really that or maybe red. I have a lot of red in the kitchen- a starburst clock, my kitchenaid mixer, food processor and pots and pans. And red and aqua are lovely together. Decisions, decisions. Then it's picking out the floor...Ahhh!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pitcher love.

Yes, true love.
I've been throwing a lot of curvy forms lately. I decided to go more geometric with this pitcher. This was the result. I resurrected my turquoise for this one. I tried to stay away and I just couldn't resist. It just looks so fantastic with the crisp black and white and helps to soften up tighter, more calculated shapes. These are all sitting in the Things that pour section of my shop.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Early snowfall.

Not really. It was actually about 90° today. But I unloaded the kiln late last night and this is what one of my tables looks like... I sent out my first batch of snowflake orders and it's Jon's first day of school...wierd. I made 70+ ornaments and all of them are already spoken for. I wonder how many I'll have to make this year?

I'm still adding work to the SUPER SALE!

Monday, September 1, 2008


I've decided I need to make some room in the studio...now. That means big sale, SUPER SALE. I'll be posting studio seconds and samples and some old work, some really really old. I'm waiting on my kiln to cool and don't quite feel like getting dirty today, so I figured I'd empty some shelves and some boxes and get this stuff out of the studio. I've already posted a lot but I need to take a break. So be sure to check back as I'll be posting lots more.

And of course I'll still be posting new work like this bottle I posted yesterday. It comes with a cork to use if you want to use it for oil or whatever or you can use it as a vase.