Friday, September 12, 2008


The kiln is on and it's a *sort of* day off for me. I'm going to have soooo much to glaze. The kiln is PACKED. I went on a rampage this past week and made about 60 pieces...not including 24 tiny tripods and 18 square dishes. It's going to take FOREVER to cool. I probably won't be able to fit it all in once it's glazed, but at least I'll have a jump start on the next load.

I was kindly featured in two treasuries.

Both the bowl (which is really dark pink, not red) and the chicken (last one in cobalt...ever!) are still available and ON SALE or ON SUPER SALE in my shop.

Now I'm off to Lowe's to check out some colors for my kitchen. Right now it's yellow with orange trim and white cabinets (very 70's) and a horrible floor that needs to be replaced. I still love the colors, it was the first room I painted when we moved in...the second day we were in. The room was a pale robin's egg blue that totally offended me and HAD TO GO immediately. It's been 4 years since I painted and I'm just feeling I need a change. I've pretty much settled on a lovely retro aqua. I just need to find one that's not too crazy bright but not too boring. Since I've started collecting my Franciscan starburst plates, I've also been collecting mid-century pots with aqua interiors like these from McCoy. So I'm really looking for that color. Now it's just picking an accent color for the trim. I could do white, but my cabinets are white and right now the trim around them is orange. White on white might be fine. It's really that or maybe red. I have a lot of red in the kitchen- a starburst clock, my kitchenaid mixer, food processor and pots and pans. And red and aqua are lovely together. Decisions, decisions. Then it's picking out the floor...Ahhh!

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