Tuesday, September 23, 2008

They're back.

Well, one is back...more on the way. I've been slacking on the tripod bowls. I hadn't made any in months and months. Then one of my galleries requested a few and of course, I had to make more than a few. So here's one in yellow.I've always been fond of this design. I do get a bit frustrated that they warp a bit. But, I've just come to accept that the fussiness of my porcelain and the fact that they are on 3 feet just means it's going to happen. I could let these dry all the way, lightly covered, a slow as possible, never standing them up on their feet until they are out of the bisque and they will still warp. Some more than others of course, but those are the few that end up on the seconds shelf. And don't worry, if the price for the up to par bowls is too steep, some of those seconds will end up in my sale section.
I'm still working like a madwoman in the studio. One more big load of work before my big 3-0 birthday weekend. I thought I was getting caught up and then *boom* more orders. Of course, who's complaining, but boy am I tired.
The kitchen is coming along. The walls are painted...after 2 colors and the floor has been ripped up. We decided on Pergo as an inexpensive fix that still looks nice. I didn't really want to spend all that much. I mean, we DID do a lot to the room 4 years ago when we bought the house...new appliances, hardware on the cabinets, the floating "peninsula", and yes, I did paint the walls only 4 years ago as well. BUT, I work at home and the only time I leave the house during the day is to go to the gym or to go food shopping...I need a change of scenery! So anyway, the floor is next...once this next load of work is in the bisque!!


Anonymous said...

The tripod bowls are wonderful (I have one and would like more!) and I had been wondering why you never seemed to make them any more! Glad to see some back!

shoshonasnow said...

More to come! I made a bunch but sent them all out already.