Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time off.

So the show was a success. Beautiful weather and way more people than any other year I've done it. I don't do too many shows. Mostly because I can't stand the packing up and setting up and packing up...routine. And I'm never quite happy with my display. This year I was okay with everything. We had to use our small car because the Outback is out of commission. So whatever we took had to fit in the car with me, Jon and Dudley. 3 tables in the trunk along with a pair of chairs, a box, a few random things. 4 bins in the back seat along with the tent, 3 shelves, some planters that I used to put the shelves on, a couple of bags of random things...That little sports car held quite a bit. So this is what I ended up with...{I'm hiding out in the back}

I wasn't quite finished setting up. Not as many levels as I would have liked, but that would not have fit in the car. I tried my best to not overload the tables. Jon's always telling me less looks better, but if you've ever seen my pots...I kind of have a problem with that less is more thing. I do think it worked though. Apparently I was one of the few that was actually selling work. And I did go home with about half as much as I brought. :)

Since the show I've pretty much been doing nothing. Isn't that great?! I decided to take the week off. Now that only means not making work. That still means taking pictures, posting work, shipping work, cleaning, organizing, computer crap. I did make some time to visit a friend, go to the gym with Jon, do some gardening outside with Dudley, clean my stove...oh wait, that wasn't fun.

I also worked on a fun custom order for some puppy dog bowls. I decided to make a plain set to post in my shop. The first set I made was for Dudley last year when he was a puppy.

His bowls have his actual paw print on the bottom...his puppy paws were so little and left black underglaze prints all over my studio floor :). I got the idea for that when I was doing a workshop with high school kids. One of the girls brought in her new baby hedgehog and was making a bowl for it. He was hanging out on the table while we were working and walked on the black underglaze lid and made little foot prints. I told her to let him walk on the inside of the was so ridiculously cute. I made a lino stamp for my new bowls. I'm willing to do custom colors and names on these. And I don't discriminate...I'll do bowls for kitties, ferrets, name it!

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