Sunday, June 8, 2008

So pleased.

Yes, I am so pleased. I made 4 vases in this style. They are all gorgeous. I used my new green on this one. I thought I might miss my old green....but I don't. This one is glossy and clean and looks stunning with the black and white. I posted this one in my shop today. Be on the lookout for the other 3 in orange, cobalt blue and my new light blue.
Today was super hot again...hotter than yesterday and just as humid. I worked on a set of 8 bowls and some new mugs. I've also been working on some garden markers. I made a bunch last year and they were quite popular. They are made from a very fine, very red, terracotta clay. Still painted black and carved like the rest of my work, but left unglazed. I plan on firing them and a BUNCH of other work on Friday. I'm doing a show up in Albany in 2 weeks. I think this will be my 6th(?) year doing it. Anyway, I'm working on finishing up one more big load of work this I'll be busy....very busy.

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