Monday, May 12, 2008


Yup, my sciatica is acting up and this time I know exactly why....These babies. They are big. I think next time someone wants a large order of anything bigger than 5 or 6 lbs of clay I'm going to have to decline. It just tears my body apart centering the clay on the wheel. I've been talking about raising my wheel and throwing standing up, but haven't done it....I think I need to get my butt off my stool and just do it. These are going to be planters. Something that I haven't made in a long time...well, I guess not since last spring/summer.

After packing and shipping all morning, I'm going to post this guy in my shop...My new green is on this one, although you can't really see what it really looks like on the gray porcelain. It's glossy like the rest of my glazes, which is a quality I was going for. My "old" green has a bit of a satiny, faintly bumpy texture which was fine when I had other glazes that had that finish, but now I don't. The green is in a similar family as my other green but it has a bit more lime and a little less avocado....but over my gray porcelain, the new green looks VERY retro avocado.

Okay, off to post and work.

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[nancy + andy] said...

I think in March Kristen Kieffer had a blog post about throwing while standing - some kind of a padded wooden brace - other than that maybe try one of those centering tools (although it might be more trouble than its worth:)

We're loving the gray and the green!