Thursday, March 6, 2008


I've been neglecting my Trunkt profile. I totally slacked on posting more pictures. I should probably be doing that instead of sitting here writing a post about how I need to do that, but I'm feeling kind of crappy I guess that's my excuse. I did, however, peruse the showcases on there a bit and found 2 that I've been featured in.

Of course, I love this one because it's black and white and it also features several my fellow ceramic Estians, including CircaCeramics and kimwestad. Although, it's almost too easy to make a black and white list look good.

I really love this grouping. And my chicks look mighty happy. A nice mix of cute and beautiful together that really makes me smile. In decorating my house, I'm always stuck between making everything clean, modern and "grown-up" or going totally kitsch. That's sort of where this list rests with me.

So, I do feel pretty crappy today. I didn't get anything done that I wanted to. Cleaned up a little in the studio, but never got any actual work made. That always makes me feel even worse when I don't feel well. I shouldn't complain because I know I just got a huge amount of work completed, but still... I've been feeling nauseous since yesterday afternoon. I think this is due to my back being out of alignment, a typical thing after working like a manic for a few weeks. I did manage to do some sewing and watch some old movies. That usually relaxes me. Actually, I think I'll go do more of that....

P.S. Posted some new cups on Etsy.

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