Friday, March 28, 2008

I could cry.

Still not working.

I started the kiln yesterday. It was rising beautifully...all the way to 1527 degrees. Then, nothing. Another error message. I know it has something to do with the thermocouples. Possibly the relay. So tomorrow I will spend the day babysitting. I'm going to start her up, empty, do a fast firing and see what happens. Every 20 min. write down the temp reading on each thermocouple and check that the lights are going when they should and see.... It doesn't make sense to me that the second failed firing got 1000 degrees higher before it shut off. Now I'm about a week behind schedule with no happy ending in sight....bleh.

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Naomi said...

did the kiln give you an error code?
you should get a code that tells you exactly what the problem the kiln company if you need hep understanding the codes.
also it may have something to do with how much was in the kiln and how fast it was firing as to the difference in temperatures.the first time it may have had a harder time climbing in temp due to a super packed kiln which made the computer error sooner. thermocuple error codes usually go off because it is having a hard time heating.
but i am not an expert at all. i just had to move studios due to an electricity problem where my kiln could not get hotter than a bisque.
i feel your pain.