Sunday, January 27, 2008


I've been working like crazy the past few days and have slacked off a bit in the online world. Finally posted some more work in my shop. I posted a few 3 tripod sets. I thought I'd offer them this way because they are a bit off model from my others. I made these 12 just before I decided on a standard size for these little cuties. I'm also offering them at 3 for $25, so they are a pretty sweet deal. I think they'd be great for Valentine's day. Give one to a special someone with a super delicious dark chocolate truffle in it or maybe a pair of earrings or special ring.

(Oh, how I love my wedding rings)

I've also posted this little bird bowl. I've since worked out all the bugs in this design, but this one was the first, so it has a few issues. I still couldn't bear to smash it, it really came out quite lovely. So, it's a bit rocky on it's 4 little feet and the beak is more brown than I would like it to be. It will still look lovely displayed or used to hold some sweets. And it feels so nice when you hold in your hands.

Tomorrow is going to be a finishing day. I made about 15 vases that all need to be carved tomorrow.....boy, am I gonna have a sore hand.

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