Saturday, February 2, 2008


I can't believe it's February already. January went fast and that's fine by me. I used to love the winter, but now....not so much. December and January, fine, snow all you want. But February, March, I can't stand the wet, icy, melty snow, muddy everything weather.
And, the gray light. I HATE the gray light.

Well, enough of my venting. I've been trying to "think spring" in the studio. Making more chick bowls and I did finally get around to making some little Valentine's Day hearts. They'll be out of the kiln tomorrow. A little on the late side, but I'll still probably post them in my shop.

I did manage to take Dudley to down the road to Kingston Point Park the other day. It wasn't too terribly cold and I think we both needed to get out of the studio. It was rather soothing to watch the ice flow down the Hudson River. Dudley didn't understand why he couldn't go swimming. He did manage to get covered in mud. It's nice when our rolls are reversed. :)

(The icy inlet. The sounds from the cracking ice were pretty amazing)

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