Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So pleased.

A little over a week ago I finally saw a cup that spoke to me in Nathan William's Esty shop, hijackedceramics. I mean, I could buy everything in his shop, but I really like his new work with the white clay body. It reminds me of ivory, which suits the Indian patterns beautifully. Amazing depth and the color is just stunning. The photo does not do the cup justice at all.

On the studio front, I've spent the past 2 days mixing up more clay. Today I'm starting my spring order for Tilde in Portland, OR. Another one of the shops I work with around the country that I would LOVE to visit in person. They carry some great artists and are a pleasure to work with. So, if you live in Portland, go check them out! On the agenda today, more vases with the extra color on top and posting some new work on Etsy.

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Nathan William Murrell said...

Thanks for the post Shoshona, I'm so happy you like the cup! Thats funny about you looking at umass. I hate to sound bitter but i think you made the right decision. I was the only one from that year to make it to graduation, and i have sworn off making sculpture ever again. I didn't start making pots until I graduated.
I'm trying to get better about posting on my blog, and I want to start writing about ceramics in general. When I get my act together I will put you in a links section, but I move at a glacial rate when it comes to technology.