Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hot hot hot.

This kiln is on and the studio is toasty. I must admit, I have pretty girlie bisque ware when it's glazed. It looks like I was painting Easter eggs.
The lavender pot in the center is a test for a....lavender glaze. Some raw glazes start out looking nothing like the color they will be when the are fired. I've had many 8 year old boys get very concerned that their little earthenware scull was going to end up pink because that's what color the clear is. Anyway. I use a mix of stains and oxides so most of my glazes somewhat resemble the color they will end up. Hopefully the purple works out. It won't be a forever color, but I'll mix up a small batch.

For now, here is Dudley guarding his new toy...

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