Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've never been in to doing these. BUT, I was tagged by Jennifer (AKA JMWJewelry) so here goes...

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1. I have a HUGE Pez collection. At least 1,000 dispensers and Pez related items. Including a PEZPal Policeman still sealed in his original vending machine box and a copy of the original Pez patent. Unfortunately, since buying our house almost over 4 years ago, the collection has been sitting in boxes. I have no idea how to display it all. And yes, I have been to several Pez conventions. I AM A DORK

2. My husband and I were married on top of the Empire State Building on August 6, 2005. The ceremony took about 2 min. and was attended by 6 people: me, my husband, my friend who married us (he got ordained on the internet), the best man, the maid of honor and her fiance (our "photographer")...oh, and a whole lot of tourists.
3. I am one of those weird people that doesn't like TV. I haven't had Television (network, public, cable...) in 7 years. I do however have at least 500 movies (a small fraction of them were made after 1985) and I've watched each one so many times it's kind of embarrassing. I'm pretty much a movie snob.

4. I am addicted to old time radio shows. Mostly science fiction, Ray Bradbury kind of stuff, but also horror and good mystery and detective stories.

5. I am also addicted to NPR. Most of my evening conversations with my husband start,"I was listening to the radio and there was this story about..." This is what happens when you have no co-workers to talk about.

6. I despise talking on the phone. I hate making phone calls. I hate answering the phone. Caller ID is brilliant.

7. I've only had 3 professional hair cuts in my 30 years on this planet. I think I have a hair salon phobia. I cut my own hair. I also never had my hair cut at all (except those pesky dead ends and those bangs I cut when I was 3) until I was 15 1/2 years old!

Well, that's it. I'm not really one to play by the rules, so I'm not going to tag anybody. I hate bothering people (one of the reasons I hate making phone calls), especially since most of the people I know have been tagged a million times. The only one I WOULD tag is my friend maybe she'll finally post something on her blog....


Kate said...

Great list! You know, a while back I saw a project someone came up with to display their PEZ collection. It involved an old door with a custom shadow box placed over it with the PEZ dispensers in their own little nooks. The shadow box was covered in glass and the entire thing was placed on table legs and used as a dining room table. It may sound tacky but it looked really cool. I'll see if I can find pictures.

shoshonasnow said...

WOW! I doubt my husband would let that one fly, but it sounds fantastic! I need a new L-shaped desk in my office...this might be a great idea... I have the boxes in a corner of my studio and it always breaks my heart a little when I walk past them.

jen jeglinski said...

Would have called to thank you for the push to post, but #6 says it all.

I remember when you did have your PEZ collection lined up on a thin shelf in one of your apartments long ago. Hmmm. Maybe a winter project.

mudpuppy said...

Hilarious! I HATE having my hair cut...but do it cause I also hate my hair long...although now that I am working from home I can pretty much not cut it and just put a cap on if I dont feel like using any product.

I also despise the much so I actually have my friends email me instead of call! I've even turned off my phone for weeks on end and never missed it.

You are not alone! ~M