Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring fever.

I seem to get super spring fever this time of year. Not to just go outside and hike or sit in the sun with a book(although of course I love those too), but for manual gardens. It is another beautiful day out and I need to be in the studio. Of course I LOVE my lucky fortune of working at home in my studio everyday, but it is a rather solitary existence. When Jon gets home from a day of teaching kids he just wants silence...and all he hears is blah, blah, blah from me. At least I have Dudley to keep me company. But when I talk to him all day, he just looks at me like I'm nuts...and perhaps I am. Anyway, the kiln is almost ready to unload and then I'll have to start glazing. So maybe I can get an hour or so of outside time after all...yes, I think I will.

And look what made it onto the front page of Etsy this morning...

My three-bowl server! What a pretty list! And, look at that cup and saucer in that print with the bird. It's my Franciscan pattern! And, the color I want to paint the kitchen. Well, one project at a time, and we are still finishing the tiling in our shower stall. It's almost done! I can't even tell you how long we've been taking baths, it's a bit embarrassing.

I was also in this treasury, but I don't think it ever made the front page.Oh, I forgot to post that I was featured on this great blog One Part Whimsy. You can check out the post here. It's a blog by fellow Etsian, thefatcat.

Ok, enough out of me. I'm off to change into some outside clothes!

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tabbatha said...

hi shoshona!

ugh, the plaster...such a nightmare to make, yet such a nice thing to have once you're done!
congrats on the etsy hand-picked...i have added you to the list of links on my blog...thanks for putting me on yours!

hope all is well,