Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cute tray mania.

Well, after 2 trips to the Chiropractor this week and a diagnosis of a twisted pelvis and a bit of scoliosis {probably due to the muscles on my right side being WAY more overdeveloped than my left and pulling my spin over}...I'm rethinking the amount of throwing that I do. The past week has been going to the doctor, cleaning the studio, going to the doctor, reorganizing the studio... New shelves are going up, more lights have been hung, big heavy tables are being moved (don't worry, I have help!!) and I'm finally putting my wheel up so I can stand while throwing. The goal still is, throw less. Which is fine. I have already mentioned that I will not being making lots of bowls and small vases and other small pieces that just seem to suck away all my time and physical health. I've been committed to making more complex pieces. I've been throwing lots of parts and spending time cutting and "pasting" them back together.
But, making these cute trays was a nice, relaxing, no-body-stress activity. The blue one is already on it's way out with the mail today, but the green one was just posted in my shop. I have one more owl tray with a deep purple background that I really like...It's like he's hanging out at night. Unfortunately, the purple is SOOO hard to photograph and I don't have a good shot yet.

More work will be posted over the weekend. Wall pockets, other trays, and a new BIG fish bowl!

5 comments: said...

i love the design. totally yo. have you though about slip casting? it save alot of work on the back, and would be a great match for your style..

Linda Starr said...

What beautiful work and such a wonderful style you have. I have a bad back after too many years of landscaping. I sleep with a pillow between my legs, have gotten a new computer chair that just fits me. I also found while sitting I should keep my legs out in front of me and not cross even my feet, let alone my legs, is helping. I am really having to make a concerted effort to retrain myself in everything I do. It isn't easy to teach and old dog new tricks, so to speak.

pinkkiss said...

Love the new trays! I'm sorry to hear about your back...that's scary. I'm curious to know how you like throwing while standing, how did you prop up your wheel?

shoshonasnow said...

Jeff-I have thought about slip casting. Most of my college years were spent making work was WAY different then. It's funny because I stopped making that work cause it was hurting my this. I don't really feel as much connection to the work when it's slip cast. I do use a lot of press molds and I'll probably be going more in that direction.

Linda-Thanks! I have been trying REALLY hard to change the way I stand, sit, walk...everthing. And it does seem to be helping. I have a TempurPedic mattress, so sleep is the one place I am never in pain...Best investment ever!!

Shawna-Make sure you are treating your body right, especially since your going to be a full-timer now! I'm actually using Kristen Kieffer's set-up, based on John Glick's. My husband is working on the back rest. I'm using blocks up on a piece of plywood so I can secure the block down so they won't tip. Then blocks of wood cut to the right size on top of the cement block to get the wheel at the perfect height...elbows at a perfect right angle. Then a block for my non-pedal foot to stand on to keep me level.

shoshonasnow said...

I forgot to add the link to Kristen's set-up-