Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birdlady of Alcatraz.

So here is the newest edition in the studio. It's actually in the kiln right now. I glazed the inside with yellow...I'm not really sure why, it just told me it wanted to be yellow... The weekend went by fast. I spent Saturday loading the bisque and doing some more straightening up in the studio. I'm still working on getting me wheel up just how I want it.

I did finally go through all my molds. I have a ton of plaster molds I made when I was working in, well, my old style...which I PROMISE I'll go into someday. Some were molds I took of things I made and some where molds I made from found objects. This little tray-bowl-dish piece was made from a mold of a Styrofoam tray that once held string beans. I had it at my desk for a while and I just kept touching it. I even made Jon hold it. It feels sooooo good.

Tomorrow it's the chiropractor, the gym, and some more organizing while the kiln is cooling...

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