Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bad blogger.

I realize it has been 21 days since my last That's bad. And my only defense is that I've been working...a lot. Since it would take me forever to write what's been going on, let's do this in photos.
First came my birthday. And this the cake that my adoring husband made for me.
Then, we had some company and went to Storm King Art Center. I got to see my favorite Alexander Calder sculptures... and we revisited the spot where Jon proposed 4 years ago on my birthday. And I made A LOT of new work. After reaching my 900th sale on Etsy (now I'm at 925!) I did some math and figured out that in the past 2 years, I've sold over 2,200 pieces. Incredible. I don't think I ever imaged I could sell that much work in my lifetime, let alone in 2 years.
Other things to note==I sent a few boxes out to Sword + Fern who is now carrying a selection of my bowls, cups and a few other things. Also, One and Only: Gifts Made by Hand opened on October 26 at The John Michael Kohler Arts Center. I was invited to do it months ago, I just forgot to mention it. I got the cards last week and there are so many great artists participating. Go check it out! Then it was over the river to the Sheep and Wool festival.
These 2 are alpaca-llama mix. My favorite animals, next to one of these.
Still more working and more birds. I think I have a bird problem.I've been working so much the yard and gardens are not cleaned up at all. I'm not too happy about that. Dudley, however, is perfectly fine with all the sticks and leaves...his favorite. So now it's October 29th. I fired one bisque and a glaze last weekend. Another bisque this past weekend and a glaze yesterday. I'm waiting to unload the kiln again. Lots of snowflakes, lots of birds. Some special orders and some tiny tripods.

I just got back from the gym and I'm soooo tired. I was up until 3:30 am working. We donated my old car and when they came in the morning to pick it up I didn't even hear the tow truck...I was OUT. I guess that's it for now...

p.s. Dudley just farted on my lap. Gross.

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Kate said...

Dog farts! Gotta love 'em!