Sunday, July 27, 2008


Okay. I did actually manage to scrounge up some time to fill the kiln and fire a ▲10. I had forgotten how hard it was to work full-time and make work....yuck! Like I had mentioned I was going to make, there are lots and LOTS of new mugs. I also felt the urge to make a sugar and creamer set.I didn't know what color to glaze it, but I'm happy I decided on green. It is sooooo wonderful. The color is so vibrant and clean and the black slip is very BLACK...wonderful contrast. I'm also really happy with the forms. I wanted to make a set that matched my mugs and I've also been really into high domed lids...the shape of these really goes well with the bulging silhouettes. They also hold a deceptively large amount. Very pleased indeed.

One more week of camp...
Then it's vacation time starting Friday night. Camping then Mexico! The shop will be closed August 2-11. If you need something, get it now!

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