Friday, August 27, 2010


Yeah, so things have been quite a bit crazy around the studio, around the house, around my life....

So writing this blog has been WAY low on my list of priorities.
I have huge amounts of work to make and just not enough time or will...

Jon was out on a US tour for 32 days playing drums for 2 different bands. A long time to be left alone at home at the studio. I actually enjoyed in very much. Worked a ton, hung out with friends, enjoyed some time hiking and a bit of swimming in our local hidden waters....I really do love living in the Hudson Valley.

But, then the shop orders, gallery and museum orders started popping up one after the other...and let's not forget about the gallery shows I have coming up this fall. At least half of that work has already been made....
AND, the holidays are coming. Which mean I need to bust ass to have my Etsy shop stocked and ready to go...early. Last year I was getting holiday orders as early as the beginning of September!!

Jon's left me again for a few days. Which is what I need right now. Home alone again. Time to get some real work done, without any distractions. I really wish I just lived in the woods...Could take a break and walk and re-group when I'm having a disastrous day.... But he'll be home on Sunday to record with another band. Which means I guess I'll have then to work in the studio as well. I have A LOT to accomplish before next Friday. INCLUDING firing 2 kilns. UGHHHHH.


Paula said...

this looks great!

have a nice time!

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