Sunday, January 25, 2009


Everyone really seemed to like these, even before they even saw them finished. So, here is a finished set.Both sets are already sold and I don't have any more. I AM making more...I'm starting today after I write this. I'm still going to make just the solo owls because I prefer making them a little larger. People have also asked about different colors and I have pretty much decided that I will ONLY be making these with green. That color seems to suit them best. I'll also be making more owl vases. I have tons of requests for those as well. Again, as for color? Only blue interiors...Just give me some time. My last couple of kilns have been filled with orders for galleries and shops that carry my work and some special orders from Etsy. I didn't have a lot of time to play around with all the ideas I have drawn out in my sketchbook. I've been toying with the idea of really cutting out most of my "normal" bowls and more simple vases. That will free up some time and some space in the kiln.

ALSO, I'm running a little Valentine's Day special in my Etsy shop. I've marked down everything with red, pink or purple, 10% off. Click here to see! And look at the new addition to the shop...can we say swans?


Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Shoshona!
Congrats on all the press, I'm sure there will be more on it's way as soon as they see all your new work!!! I LOVE the sugar bowl and creamer, and love the color!
And saying how much you were able to get done during the week really made me think about what I'm doing - in a good way! Thanks for the motivation!
xoxo, Linda

Manon Doyle said...

These pieces are beautiful! The green really does suit them well!

sherry said...

I love all of your new work, but I can see how hard you are pushing.

Of course I have no answers.....just comiseration.

gone to pot said...
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gone to pot said...

i was hoping you'd post a picture of the finished sugar bowl and creamer. they turned out amazing, and that green is just delicious!